Find your own fireplace in Tiileri’s diverse collection of heat-storing fireplaces.

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Unmatched efficiency ratios

By selecting a Tiileri fireplace you receive the best efficiency in the market, the longest heat release time and along with it a safe and pleasant surface temperature.

You can select just the right fireplace from our selection for your own style and needs. Tiileri has a fireplace for every home!

All fireplaces are delivered with unique Tiileri grates.

Heat-storing fireplaces

Tiileri fireplaces are the original heat-storing fireplaces from Scandinavia with over 60 years of experience.

Baking ovens and stoves

Discover the baking oven or stove that fits your interior perfectly.

Brick Grills

Finish your yard with a traditional brick grill


Choose the right chimney for your fireplace