Tiileri knowhow has a long tradition

Behind the Tiileri brand there is a story of Finnish entrepreneurship dating back for over 60 years already. In 1952 in the Seppälä village a blacksmith died, and his 5 sons remained with their mother to wonder what to live on. The knowledge of blacksmith’s work helped when the first drainage pipe machine was put together, because at that time people were still busily underdraining their fields. Luckily fields with plenty of clay to build the pipes from belonged to the boys’ and their mother’s house.  The mother of the boys was known for her strict housekeeping, and she was said to be the first real managing director.

After initial difficulties, they learned the skill of burning clay, and soon they even had two underdraining machines placing pipes in the fields. After the fields were drained, the brothers began to think of their next move. After the war there was plenty of demand for building supplies when the rebuilding of Finland began. Thus burnt clay bricks were a natural continuation to the manufacturing of drainage pipes.

Today Tiileritehtaat consists of three factories. Each is specialised and has selected its own product range. Did you know that the annex to the houses of parliament is made of genuine, hand-made Tiileri Ruukintiili bricks?