Tiileri Brick Beams

Tiileri’s factory-made brick beams help you achieve a finished and uniform look in facade lintels. Tiileri brick beams are always made of the same production lot as the facade bricks and will be post-jointed at the work site in connection with masonry to achieve a uniform end result.

The brick beams can be made of almost all Tiileri bricks, regardless of the size, colour or surface of the product.

CE certified brick beams are all custom-made. Beams are designed so that there are 150mm excess margins on both sides of the lintel.

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1-course Brick Beam

Widest possible lintel 2700mm – 2900mm

2-course Brick Beam

Widest possible lintel 5100mm – 5300mm


Suurin aukonylitys 5,1m – 5,3m riippuen tiilen koosta ja sauman leveydestä

3-course Brick Beam

For lintels wider than 5300mm

Tiileri Console Brick Beams

Console beam systems make it possible to create extremely long lintels. The console brick beams tie the weight of the brick wall to the frame of the building.

The console brick beams are designed separately for each project.

To ensure the least labour-intensive solution for the worksite and the most cost-effective end result, the designing of console beam systems should start very early in the project.