Amanda is a unique combination of a masonry heater and a traditional Finnish baking oven. The baking oven can be on the same side as the fireplace or in the other side. By choosing this one wall between the kitchen and e.g. living room can be replaced with the Amanda masonry heater. The hatches can be satin chrome or graphite. You can also choose the surface of the heater, options are ceramic plates (options available) or stucco, with many colour options.

Amanda masonry heater is an efficient heater, where the wood burns cleanly and with high efficiency of 91%. With Tiileri Arina grates you always get the most optimal burn result and the design of the masonry heater guarantees that it will release heat for a long time. The oven has ceramic grates in order to make it optimal for baking. The oven can be heated by burning wood in the firebox, but in order to get high temperatures, wood must be burned in the oven also prior baking/cooking. Amanda also comes with top flue connection.